About Me.

Welcome to my blog. 

Who I am:
My name is Jennifer and I live and work in Germany. Most of my posts will be in English though because I feel I can express myself more accurately in English. Don't know why, maybe it is because I am addicted to English literature  (such as Shakespeare) and I never ever watch movies dubbed. If I can avoid it, I will.  I love stories and I love language.

What I do:
In my work as a photographer that is also what I am looking for. The stories. The language in this case is the imagery, the color, the cropping. The stories are the faces. In photoshoots I usually go for the moments between the poses because those are when you are most beautiful. When you are yourself and don't put up a face for the sake of someone else.

So, when you book me for a photoshoot, you don't need to worry about putting up a show. I'm here to capture you.

What this blog is about:
I'll show you examples of photoshoots, projects, ideas, and probably myself. This is because

a) I participate in the 365 photos project and sometimes it has to be Me Me Me...
b) I need to show you my new clothes. I just have to because I loooove shopping and I feel like I have discovered a wonderful treasure which everyone has to see.
c) photos help me deal. They help battling my fears, my demons. Help me visualize my hopes and dreams. And sometimes I have to be in those.

You can also find recent book reviews in the sidebar as well as my recent tweets.

For more information on the prints and books I have published, please visit The Goods Page.

Talk to me?
If you have any questions, suggestion, or anything else, go ahead and drop me a line.

If you don't like using the contact form below, you can send me an email over: mailATjennifer-renner.de Just replace the "AT" with @.





If you are looking for my portfolio, you can have a look at my Homepage: Jennifer Renner Photography. Don't worry, it is available in English and German.