Montag, 28. Mai 2012

down by the river

I was told, yesterday, that my nature photos emit the feeling of isolation or loneliness and thus contradict the warmth and liveliness of the wedding shots. This was wonderful because, I never noticed this but it got me thinking and looking at the shots again and I think he was right (reading this, are you? ).

This morning at 8.30 I went out and about. Shot just 10 photos. And yes, they do kinda look like that again.  Maybe it is because I seek out ...well not loneliness but being alone. I try to evade people when I am out by myself because they usually are loud and distracting and bitch at me for sitting on a bench reading a text message (really, I almost got in a fight with the old man because he was so rude. It's none of his business.).

So, I am all for being alone once in a while. Thinking, being, breathing, looking. I need it to be honest or I'd go mental.

I've missed taking photos but I just didn't have the time to do it for myself. I'm not talking about photoshoots, there is time for those always. But for everything else, including catching up with you guys.

I promise to be better. I'll have some weeks off soon, too (God I want to go to Bruge...Brügge.. or something. Shoot those old films. Maybe I can fit it in).


  1. These are wonderful Jennifer. The magic of B & W !
    A question, if i may, do you shoot much film (other than expired). I am curious as I am bringing my old Rolleiflex TLR back into play for the summer. I hope to do my own (BW) processing, although it has been a long time :-).
    Very best wishes and thanks for all your wonderful photos. Best wishes, Bren

    1. Hi, thank you so much. Yes I do, and I think it's the best. It makes me a better photographer because I pay more attention to my surroundings. Let me know if you shot some stuff.
      Cheers, Jenny