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Jack Kerouac: On The Road

On the RoadOn the Road by Jack Kerouac
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Giving it 2 starts because 1,5 aren't available.

I planned to read this some day, but read it now because I wanted to finish it before the movie comes out (I prefer reading the books before watching the movies). I wanted to read Old Bull Lee before I'll see him portrayed by my beloved Viggo Mortensen and I can only say, that he will nail this performance. Old Bull Lee is perfect for Viggo, his description is Viggo (soft voice included). So, I was pleased with that.

The narrative started out very exciting and I happily sped along with the characters. And then I wanted to introduce Dean to a good therapist. And then I was annoyed because one road trip was like the other and I think, I got it from the first and I didn't need three more, especially that last one to Mexico which annoyed me because the book just wouldn't end.

So...yeah. Well. I don't think I'll watch the movie when it comes out but rent the Blu-Ray, no mater how much I cannot wait to see Viggos performance. The story as such just is not one that I'll go through again.

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Here is the trailer, if you're interested. It stars, next to Viggo Mortensen, Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst and some other people:

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