Freitag, 16. März 2012

Vacation: Colonia Sant Jordi / Mallorca

Hello, you lovely people.
I'm back from my vacation in Mallorca.
We stayed at the Cabo Blanco in Colonia Sant Jordi and we got what we wanted:
Calm. Good food. Wonderful service. A beautiful beach. Time to breathe and relax.

I shot 12 rolls of film, which I will hand in today and shall post photos off when I get them. So be prepared for a Mallorca pic spam.

Until then, have some shots taken with the Nikon Coolpix.

From our balcony we saw this. And I was completely taken by surprise because I didn't expect the sea to be that close. The second shot was taken in the morning but really no guests were launching in the pool area. Most of them were on walks. It was a bit chilly at first too.

As you can see, on day one, there was massive wind and the sea was wild.

The sunset was pretty though.

The next morning we went to the 'town'.  As you can see, not many people were around. Also not many shops or bars or cafes. I suppose, next month there will be more life in it. However, if you are interested in shopping or strolling through a town enjoying the local architecture, I suggest you go somewhere else. This is really made up of hotels or small shops... if they open than it.

And of of course, cats.

At the port and promenade. Still no people. But that is what I wanted, so it fit my needs perfectly.

See, it's not very pretty.
At least, not in this direction...

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