Samstag, 17. März 2012

Vacation: the beach

Day two and three...
The day started out with fog. Which wasn't bad because it looked really pretty.
After the fog cleared away, this is what we found, going in direction of the Es Trenc beach:

The water was clear and blue and cold. But I cannot be at a beach as beautiful as this and not walk barefoot. Also, we again were all by ourselves. Only occasionally did some people appear and mostly in the afternoon. But we went in the morning, because that is when the wind was less. Also, it didn't matter anymore that the town was deeply hibernating and that it wasn't full of architectural masterpieces. The beach was what we came for anyway.

Attached to the beach is a private pine wood. Out hotel however had bought the rights for its guest to go walking on the assigned paths. Pines are now amongst my favorite trees and I discovered, I feel immediately comforted when there is a forest around me. :-)

The afternoons where spent reading at the pool or writing in my diary. And I am pleased to say that it didn't even bent or get damaged by traveling in my bag.
So that was part one of the vacation report. I love Mallorca because the island has it all, from mountains to caves to beaches to cities to ... you name it. It only needs two hours flight to get there from where I live and it is cheap when you avoid the main traveling season.


  1. Oh wow, ja, Mallorca ist so wunderschön! Ich finde es immer wieder verdammt schade, dass alle immer nur Ballermann und so damit assoziieren. :/ War selber mittlerweile vier Mal da und die Insel ist und bleibt mein liebstes Urlaubsziel, denke ich :)

    Liebe Grüße von der Zwiebel + viel Spaß noch! ♥

    1. Ja ich auch. Ich war jetzt zum 3.Mal da und die ersten beiden Male haben wir zwar unser Lager am Ballermann aufgeschlagen (so mit 18 macht man das eben mal *g*), aber wir sind dank Tagesausflügen auf der ganzen Insel mal rumgekommen. Und ich find auch, dass man da so viel sehen und machen kann. :-)

      Dankeschön, dir auch. :-)

  2. Antworten
    1. :-) Ja da ists echt schön. Und zum Entspannen genau richtig, odre zum Ausflüge mit dem Mietwagen machen.