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George R.R. Martin: A Feast for Crows

A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, #4)A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin
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Half of them are probably praying for a good raping.
This annoys me so much. In my opinion a bit more thought on rape would have been helpful. No woman would seriously think that, not even Cersei. It has been made clear that this is a world full of evil and apparently all good must perish. The people have no regards for life, animals, women. Obviously. They are also disrespectful. I get it. But I think these 'hints' or ways of showing the cruelty of the world have to be used with care and don't have to be flung about wildly and all the time. Tyrion doesn't always have to waddle. I take offense increasingly. Rape is not something you lightly add. Have it matter or have consequences. I have understood very quickly, that the majority of characters do not share this view. But the author should not have such careless narrators and even though it is the 3rd person narrator... that one isn't very consistent either (I have spotted him slip into the omniscient or switch POVs during one chapter).

Also.. please stop comparing the author with Tolkien. Tolkien's work was about good defeating evil, we all know what historical time it is referring to. In Tolkien's books people are tolerant and work together out of love and respect. This is Tolkien's message. To me, so far, the message of these books is: go ahead and rape and maim and slaughter, it doesn't matter, the world fucks you up anyway and the bad and most scheming people win no matter what you do.

Anyway... continuing to read now. (Also please do not introduce further random character's POV.. because if I have never even paid a mind to them or heard of them before, I do not want to read about them. I want to read about those that I have come to know over the last thousand and more pages.)

EDIT: I'm finished and boy this one was a waste of time. In the author's note he said "that the readers would be better served by a book that told all the story for half the characters than half the story for all the characters". Well, I think you made the wrong choice.

a) I wasted 900 pages on a story of mostly side characters which could have been told in 100 pages. The story did not progress. I was forced to witness the loooong events happening to and destroying some of the characters I previously haven't invested any second thought in. (And yes Arya and Sansa, who has now a personality disorder it seems, turned up briefly.) What do I care for the Princess of Dorne? Can you tell me that? I know it serves a purpose but it could have been told quicker. Length is not always a good thing.
b) I have to re-read it again in the next book... in a way. The timeline will repeat itself. Seriously, bad decision.

During the whole read I felt that the narrator (and thus the author.. yes I know, not the same thing) has been telling me: "Hey, look these are the protagonists, I call them the Starks and we will focus on their lives. That over there is the evil enemy (remember the Others anyone?). And also, winter is coming." Only to then go: "Naaah fooled you. Let's what else we can talk about and who else and oh, snow will wait..." I feel cheated. I really do. And I'm annoyed.

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