Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

Nanowrimo: done

And I am a winner. Sort of. At least that is what the graphics tell me.

And yes, I think I am because I sat down and wrote a story that wasn't there before. I invented people and places. But now.. well now I have to edit it.

I do not like editing. Never have, not during my time at uni, not ever. But it has to be done because I don't doubt the story. I like it. And I think it has potential.

So the plan is this:

1. try to eliminate typos and terrible new ways of spelling words.
2. try to eliminate stupid sentences. Make them prettier. Improve style.
3. There is such a thing as plot. Make it work.
4. Now that you have plot, wonderful words and sentences... give it a spark.
5. hand it out to people you trust. Ask them for their opinion.
6. Decide whether you want to burn the thing after all or whether it could be something wonderful.

When this is done... finish the other story. I think I might do that during Camp Nanowrimo.

See: plans. I have them. Now I just need: time. Anybody know where to get me some?

And while I'm at it.. get ready for new photography books. I have 2 in store and I will upload them for the world to see in the next week.

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