Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Nanowrimo Week 3: The Finish Line

40212 / 50000 words. 80% done!

Just some 9800 words left. I already wrote the Epilogue. There is only that one chapter left.

One ridiculous chapter that gives me hell because.. I know the content. I have established the setting, the people, the everything. But I just have to make it good. As in: spectacular. As in...the characters have an epiphany, all the knots are tied, all issues resolved. And I also have to make it funny and with lots of atmosphere. It is the last chapter! I hurried through the middle part. I wrote a beginning that I love. Now I need to end it, leaving the reader satisfied and feeling good.

So I continue to stare at the blank digital sheet (oh typewriter how I miss you sometimes). And I browse tumblr. And I write this entry. And I contemplate looking out of the window because the sun is shining and it looks crispy cold. Also, I'll go horseback riding again later, even though I am still going lame from last week.

I consider applying a  facial mask. Anything as to not write that last chapter.

On the other hand.. being done, at least word count related would be so awesome. (I try to ban the fear of 9800 words being too much... because let's face it... one chapter and that many words?)

The finish line seems to recede the more I approach it.

Do you have that feeling too?

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  1. oh mann, das ist ärgerlich.
    Ich hab mal total schlecht Erfahrungen bei Müller gemacht, dort bekamen wir dann unsere Fotos in verschiedenen Formen und total schlechten Farben zurück.