Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

I heart...

... Mr.Nobody because it is all the more beautiful the more I watch it:

... The Lord Of The Rings because every year I have to re-watch (I already have this year but I might do it again)
...The Fall. Have you seen it?? Do now! No special effects really, all filmed on location and fantastic, magical and wise! Plus: Lee Pace.

... Pushing Daisies. That series should have gone on forever. So funny and witty and it makes me so happy. Plus: Lee Pace. Have a quote:
Everything we do is a choice. Oatmeal or cereal? Highway or side streets? Kiss her or keep her? We make choices and we live with the consequences. If someone gets hurt along the way, we ask for forgiveness. It’s the best anyone can do.
Pushing Daisies

... Once. But you have seen that right?

Falling Slowly - Once (2006) from spedkey on Vimeo.

...The King's Speech. This scene makes me laugh so badly.

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