Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

Concert: 30 Seconds to Mars

Uncle: "He's coming here!!!"
I: "Whut? WHUT? WHUT?????"

This happened during "The Kill" which started off as acoustic and then turned into the 'normal' song and suddenly he jumps of that tiny stage and runs up the stalls and straight at my uncle and me. I was holding the photo and was completely unable to deal. *Lol*

And then Jared Leto stood 20 cm in front of me and the following thoughts ran through my head simultaneously:

1. Whut?
2. Dude, shave your armpits for crying out loud!
3. Whut?
4. OMG he's tiny.
5. Uhm.
6. Shit that security guy's leg is bigger than me.
7. Ribcage, I could just reach...

And then he was gone, leaving me in a hysterical puddle of fangirly ridiculousness (there went my cool) because he is sooo pretty. It has to be said even though he annoyed the FUCK out of me for starting 2 fucking hours late. I was already exhausted before it even began.

But he seemed to be in a good mood and completely different from Oberhausen. The crowd was so great (Mannheim, I knew you wouldn't disappoint).

I have maybe slept (if one can call it that) for 4 hours (optimistic estimate). I shall now start searching youtube for videos. I hope I am not in many because I surely look like someone who hasn't taken her medicine this morning and is now losing it. But well... these things happen.

This isn't my video but I do stand behind/next to the security guy on the left. (Once my uncle hands me the files I shall upload our view):

this is pretty awesome:

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