Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

I need more hours in my day.

Sorry for the lack of updates but I am running between two, sometimes three jobs. I hope I have time to post more soon.

Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

I heart...

... The Crow. And I oppose the re-make I heard about with all my heart. Bradley Cooper replacing Brandon Lee? Some things should be left alone, especially when there is a death involved.

.. this because it never gets old and is still one of the cutest things ever.

... this:

... everything about this outfit:

Summer Work Outfit

Dorothy Perkins belted dress
£45 - dorothyperkins.com

Azzedine Alaia short sleeve jacket
£1,635 - brownsfashion.com

Wolford pantyhose
$42 - net-a-porter.com

Paris hilton heels
$89 - macys.com

Valentino clutch handbag
$2,075 - valentino.com

Tag 18k jewelry
$3,500 - tiffany.com

Tiffany co jewelry
$1,400 - tiffany.com

Platinum jewelry
$3,400 - tiffany.com

Heart jewelry
$185 - tiffany.com

... calmness.

Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

Terry Pratchett: Lords and Ladies

Lords and Ladies (Discworld, #14)Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This one I think is darker and much more grim than the others before. Not bad, mind you. But since it draws from "A Midsummer Nights Dream", which is a very dark play itself and not a comedy thank you very much, it is to be expected. I really feared for Granny Weatherwax. But all's well that ends well, right?

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(I'm on a run with the novels.)

Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

some new photos

Between appointments I managed to collect the two film I shot with the Hasselblad during my last session with Patrizia. Here are some examples.

The film was Kodak Ektachrome Slide Film, expired 2003, Iso 100.
Hasselblad 500 C/M.

 This film I cross-processed. But I have to say I prefer the other color-sheme.

Which one do you like better?

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

busy, yes. Too busy to shop?

Kaufhof: Bag, Socks. H&M: Vest
Never too busy to shop. These items were mostly bought at Promod, since they have a huge SALE and very cheap too.

Promod: Skirt (7 Euro, Blouse 10 Euro)
I love the details on the back. Both Promod, both 14 Euro
again, lovely back. 14 Euro
12 Euro, Promod.

Tomorrow I have the next installment of my pregnancy series. The baby twins are born and I'm going to take their shots. :-)

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

yesterday's wedding

I was booked for a beautiful wedding yesterday in Neckarbischofsheim. I'm working on the shots and as soon as the bride and groom give me the green light, I shall show you some shots.
Also, I'll be terribly busy the next days and might not be around that much. I'll try my best though.

Ein kleines Selbstportrait, dass ich auf der gestrigen Hochzeit in Neckarbischofsheim geschossen habe.  Sobald mir das Brautpaar das Go gibt, werde ich euch natürlich ein paar Fotos zeigen. Bis dahin gibt es die nächsten Tage viel zu tun. Bleibt mir treu auch wenn ich nicht ganz so viel posten werde.


Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

Terry Pratchett: Witches Abroad

Witches Abroad (Discworld, #12)Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

1. Much love for Gollum's appearance.

2. Much love for the metafiction. Making storytelling the plot, always works for me.

3. Greebo the cat > everyone!

4. Much darker than the one's before I think, especially the last 3rd.

5. I had a lot of good loud laughs and that is what makes me happy.

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Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

Gewinnspiel // help me win?

If you click on the link, the dress (which I quickly 'designed' in a couple of minutes) could win me a vacation. God knows I need one. Please?

Das Kleid da oben hab ich schnell mal 'designed' im Rahmen eines Gewinnspiels. Wenn ihr da mal schnell auf den Link clickt, könnte ich vielleicht sogar was gewinnen und das Kleid gäbe es dann im Handel... Vielen Lieben Dank (und sagt es gerne weiter :-) ).

Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011


Yesterday evening Patrizia and I had our second shoot. The doves belong to her father and were not harmed in any way. We had a great time and here are some shots for you.

Gestern nachmittag hatte ich mein zweites Shooting mit Patrizia. Die Tauben gehören ihrem Vater und ihnen geht es gut. Wir hatten wirklich viel Spaß obwohl es fast unerträglich schwül war.

Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

Tarantino + music = legendary.

This entry is completely random but...

This is still one of my favorite scenes of all times. I don't know whether I want to be in Kurt's position or be the dancer (not that I would be this good because anybody who can be sexy in flip-flops knows what they are doing). Also the song is soo good. I love the movie. It is even better than the famous Salma Hayek scene in "From Dusk til Dawn" (another movie that never gets old).

Although Robert Rodriguez isn't too bad either. Just remember "Desperado" ! Listen to "The house that love built" by Tito and Tarantula. So amazing.

Do you have a favorite Tarantino movie (even though it's really hard to pick)?

Montag, 4. Juli 2011

roses and...

I bought new bedsheets.
 After being afraid of them, Wesley decides it is okay to take a nap.

and to even build a cave. He loves doing that.

Leeloo just isn't interested at all.

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

shoeporn or I have to stop shopping

Also, my ankle boots came. And I can not only walk in them but they are also very comfy. 14 cm heels plus platforms. Wonderful!