Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Review: Fragments

This is the beautiful cover. I have wanted to read it before it was even published.

I loved those two pages. The photographs are wonderful (and I simply love her on that balcony.. and reading...and Truman Capote's face is so adorable *g*)

Two examples of journal entries. I can understand so much of what she writes about in her quest for self-understanding. She tried to win the struggle against her depression or borderline syndrome (or whatever exactly she had). She was brave and smart and she confronted her issues. And I admire that because it takes a lot of guts, trust me on that one.

I think (and hope) that she will be seen differently. No longer the dumb blonde. Because clearly she was not. She was more complex and btw, show of hands everybody: who has read James Joyce: Ulysses? She has.

I love that book, it isn't easy to digest and I'm not sure that she would have wanted the world to see her that raw. She always seemed to try to hide her 'flaws', she wanted to be perfect and feared (and believed) she was the opposite. But still, it isn't a read to quickly forget.

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  1. Wow, das hört sich wirklich toll an.
    Schade für Marily,n dass sie als dummes Blondchen verkannt wurde. Sie hätte wahrlich mehr verdient!

    Liebe Grüsse,