Montag, 18. April 2011

I heart....

... "Kara remembers" from the Battlestar Galactica S3 finale because it is so fucking awesome and that scene just ... I still remember how I literally jumped up and down while watching it for the first time because I did not see anything as awesome like that coming. Anyway. This is the spectacular live version complete with the "All Along the Watchtower"- cover (any TV show who uses music by Jimi Hendrix as literally the key to solve everything needs a medal for outstanding services.). God we all went through hell and back with that show. There won't ever be anything like it.

... Johnny Depp for being awesome

...cute animals

chameleon baby by *Blepharopsis on deviantART

... Nivea nailpolish and I will miss it because they stopped producing it

... dinosaur tattoos (I would have a T-Rex)


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