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Christopher Rice: A density of souls

A Density of SoulsA Density of Souls by Christopher Rice

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I was under the false impression that there had to be Vampires in it. That must have been because if his mom, so I apologize.

However, I still think it would have been better if at least one of the characters had been a vampire. Maybe they still turned up towards the end, I don't know, because I abandoned the book in the middle.

Why? Because the author was too inexperienced (yes, I know his first novel and all) and I think this not just reflected in the prose but also in the plot. One out of the many different subplots would have been enough. As it was it seemed as if they all were necessary that the story progressed but they didn't hold my interest. And in this there were repetitions which didn't do anything in forming more three-dimensional characters. Also I was surprised at the reasoning and behavior of the characters. (I'm not talking about the abuse or denial of the self, because I get those. I mean more like... why don't you ask people directly when you want to know things?) They behaved like no people behave in RL. And since they weren't vampires (not to my knowledge anyway), their behavior didn't make sense. Or their reasoning. Or anything.

To sum it up: I was not impressed and have read more confident fanfictions than this book.

Plus: no Vampires. *g*

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