Samstag, 21. November 2009

Book Review

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I had only seen the movie several times because I worship Paul Newman. Always have and always will. That said, I did not know about the homosexual undertone of the play... because the movie makers chickened out and turned the whole admiration between Brick and Skipper upside down. There is no mention of the 'old bachelors' from whom Big Daddy inherited the plantation. There is no hint at homosexuality in the play, maybe once in an ironic smile of Big Daddy. And in the film Brick actually desires Maggie. Which in the play is not the case because, and that is not to be denied, Brick and Skipper were in love. Brick is in denial and Skipper was about to tell him and that is one reason that the whole play is moving right on spot two of my favorite play's list (Othello will always be the lead). It will also occupy that point because it is powerful and cruel and honest and real and I was completely sucked in and could not stop reading. Tennessee Williams does that to me.

So I'm in love. (And I wish that the film would have a little bit braver.)

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Sonntag, 15. November 2009

Nanowrimo Day 15

Okay.... ich bin bei 35864 Worten. Ich bin mir 100% sicher, dass ich das Ding fertig bekomme... nur dass ich gerade mal am Anfang der Fabel bin und mehr als 50000 Worte benötigen werde. Weil aus der ursprünglichen Geschichte sich eine komplett neue Fantasystory entwickelt hat und ich mich erst mal damit auseinandersetzen muss, dass ich offensichtly Fantasy schreiben kann... alles andere eher weniger. Zur Unterstützung ist gerade mein selbstauferlegter alljährlicher Buffy Marathon in vollem Gange und ich hab mich gestern wieder während Conversations with Dead People gegruselt. Joss ist eben Gott, aber das wissen wir ja. Okay, zurück zu Nanowrimo... ich versuche zu schreiben aber heute geht gar nichts. Ich weiß was ich schreiben soll und will, aber es fließt nicht. Schade, denn aus meinem männlichen MC der mich langweilte, wurde eine junge Hexe, die ich super finde. Hach... okay... weiterschreiben. Und vielleicht kommen diese Woche mal endlich alle Pakete an, die auf dem Weg zu mir sind. Das wäre schön, ich bin nämlich ab nächste Woche unter der Woche nicht zu Hause.

Alright. Wordcount 35864. But today I don't feel like writing. I know where I am going and who I am writing about (as much as you can know anyway) and I am only in the beginning after killing off every character I had established on the first 20 so pages. I love my new female MC (a young witch) and I have discovered, I am a better fantasy writer than I am a other-than-fantasy- writer. I am also on a Buffy marathon because a) Joss is God and b) inspiration is valid. I only hope tomorrow will be a better or more inspired day writing wise and that all my packages which are on their way from all over the world will arrive. Because in one week I won't be home during the weekdays. Okay.. food, then another attempt at writing.

Sonntag, 8. November 2009

Book and Nanowrimo Day 8 (19 264 words)

This book is about being able to breathe again. It holds photographs taken with the analog slr of my dad, which is by now probably fourty years old.

That being said, I completely gave up on the plot I had come up with. It is now rather insane and SO MUCH FUN! Can't wait to get to the part with the princess.

Die Fabel von Orville hab ich komplett über den Haufen geworfen und jetzt hab ich Spaß. Ich freu mich schon wenn die Prinzessin den ersten Auftritt hat. *g*

Samstag, 7. November 2009

Nanowrimo Day 7

I have lost my sanity. The first week, the first 15000 words: serious, well thought through, gripping, innovative, a clear goal in sight.

Today: Blergh. I was sucked into the Forum and especially the Nanoisms thread. I gave up. And wrote this (partly to blame because yesterday it was 'frog'. I'm just glad I did not play with today's 'oven'...yet):

What they did not know was, while the man with the power was preparing his Plan B and the woman with the baseball bat was gathering her strength to suceed in any future jobs the man underground would give her and Richard was beating himself on the head for wanting to sleep some more with the older woman (whose baseball bat he still had not found) and Ian Gordon was correctly assuming that one of his bodyguards was in on a conspiracy to kill him, news of a recent bloody and cold-hearted killing reached the outer regions of the city were one of the last families of frogs fought for the survival of their race. Little did the humans know about the cunning and viciousness of the frogs. They were ready to avenge their youngest lost son. They had nothing to lose because no matter how many egs they laid, the humans laid more (frogs of course do not know how humans propagate so they can only go with what they know) and thus the frogs gathered around their wise and old frog-mother who told them the tactics. They were out for blood. Nothing could stop them...except maybe a few boots but frog-moher had a wise advise for solving that problem: go by night when there are less people out there. The frogs nodded and waited patiently.

Da war sie hin die Ernsthaftigkeit und die gute Absicht einen echten und wirklich ernstgemeinten und distopischen Roman zu schreiben. Jetzt attackieren Frösche. Ich könnte das sogar rechtfertigen, aber will ich das?

Freitag, 6. November 2009

Nanowrimo day 6

Wow, almost one week of Nano and I am at 13555 words. And counting - I hope. I kinda like what I'm writing. It is weird and fractured and it completely fits my current situation. Sort of. I have no idea what I will write next so I'm gonna head over to write or die. I haven't been there yet. Random excerpt?

On a mirror sticks a photo of a young girl. She has taken it herself, had held the camera at arms length and before her face. She has tilted her head to the left, her long red hair falling down over her shoulder in stubborn curls. Her eyes are green and they shine brightly . Her lips are pursed into a kiss, formed by a half smile too. She is seventeen, has perfect skin and decided to leave her dangerous hair the way it wants to be for that photo. She took it in the bathroom and behind her on the photo is the shower. The room itself is dark blue, very clean . The light is now turned of and the beautiful girl in the beautiful photo is swallowed by darkness.

Tag 6 und wordcount 13555. Ich muss jetzt mit Hilfe von Write or Die versuchen das ganze auf mindestens 20000 zu bringen. Das wäre schon sehr gut. Mir gefällt auch was ich so schreibe. Irgendwie ist es zerrüttet und zerklüftet. Zuerst was zu essen und dann weitermachen. Das da oben ist übrigens ein willkürlicher Auszug. Nur so.

Donnerstag, 5. November 2009

old sketches

 This is what happens when I feel kinda meh. And when I am obsessed with trees. (Watching "The Fountain" over and over again does not help with the tree obsession either *g*).

Das passiert wenn ich mich mal nicht ganz so toll fühle. Und wenn ich wieder überall Bäume drauf malen muss. 

Mittwoch, 4. November 2009

Calender to buy

In case you haven't had a chance to visit my new shop, I made a calender for 2010 (the previous calenders are in my print shop over at DeviantArt).  All you have to do is click here. I hope you like it. I will oder a copy or two as Christmas presents for my aunts and other relatives.

Wenn ihr auf den  link clickt kommt ihr auf meinen Shop. Wenn ihr Interesse an meinem neuen Kalender habt, könnt ihr ihn da bestellen. Die Vorgänger gibts in meinen DeviantArt Prints. Schaut doch mal rein? Vielleicht ist das ja das passende Weihnachtsgeschenk?

That said I leave you to enjoy and smell autumn.

Sonntag, 1. November 2009

Nanowrimo day 1

Okay. Ein Zwischenbericht um 13:34, aktueller Wordcount 5521 (wird immer schön rechts in der sidebar geupdatet). Draußen scheint die Sonne und ich werd jetzt spazieren gehen und das Hirn auslüften weil ich glaub ich ganz gut in der Zeit liege. Dann werd ich weiter schreiben, ich hab da noch ein höheres Ziel vor Augen als die 5521 Worte.

"Orville" ist übrigens auf englisch. Ich hatte in deutsch angefangen aber musste immer erst ewig lang die englischen Sätze in meinem Kopf übersetzen. Fand dann dass ich Zeit spare und es mal auf englisch schreibe. Scheint eine gute Entscheidung zu sein. Ist seltsam was sich da so schreibt, aber es macht Spass. Okay, Stündchen Pause und dann weiter.


Nanowrimo wordcount is 5521. I think this is really good. I also wrote in English which came as a little surprise because I intended to use my mother tongue but wth, as long as it gets written right? "Orville" is weird, it's a fragment of voices and it is so far depressing. But it will get even weirder I fear. *lol* Well. Gonna take a walk in the sunny autumn afternoon now, gonna let the brain breath some fresh air and then go back to writing. This is fun!!