Sonntag, 13. September 2009

An array of carved numbers at a dark hotel door.
A yellow cab approaches the rain
His face full of lines
She falters and jumping up, she tosses it
“River swallow me”
He’s wearing a pullover with dogs but stained. Not bright.
He’s licking a bright lolipop inside a filthy mouth.
Her ankle hurts.

Hate spits and shows teeth bright white.
She’s in hell but doesn’t know it.
He comes home and a curtain billows pale as from underneath wind rushes out.
A clock sings silently and her lips are tenderly enclosing his.
A yellow raincoat is stained, her arms pale and skinny, while the radio is silent.
His fists show no mercy for her anger.
Justified love crimes.
She is gone and no matter penetrates light.

The scream pierces the first light.
Ten red scratches mark the road and cause the devil to falter.
He’s crumbling down while her laughter remains too mysterious.
He’s blinding her with a sharp knife, causing an angel to suffocate on hot irons.
The brush paints life blue into her book whereas she rests on a cliff, then falling down
Hallucinating happily of milk shattering a glass.
Concentration remains intangible outside her hands.
Her hands are bare around the wrists and her ankle is broken.
She hates her losely strapped shoes and watches them hanging limbly on her feet.
A noose over her head.
Hold on while you still can.
Can’t hold his identity.
She is flying through air on buttery wings.
Nothing remains as it is as she is piercing the sky and burning the clouds.
With a speechless tongue inside her mouth she is trapped beyond armour or love.
She soars on and places judgement with terrifying clarity on those that behold her.
She knows it isn’t over.

(c) Jennifer Renner

Nach Keith Johnstones Methode.